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A Time for War by Michael Savage

A Time for War: A Thriller

The United States is under secret attack, and only Jack Hatfield, a popular television host hounded from his position by left-wing forces in the media for speaking the truth, suspects the danger of this lethal conspiracy. With the help of Dover Griffith, an idealistic young female staffer at the Office of Naval Intelligence, Hatfield pursues a trail leading to a billionaire American electronics entrepreneur who has sold out his own country with the help of officials at the highest level of the American government.  As enemy operatives plan a two-pronged attack that will disarm the American military and release a deadly toxin killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, it's up to Hatfield and Dover race to locate this new Ground Zero - and save their country from the greatest threat it's ever faced. And time is running out... 

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Abuse of Power - Regular Edition

Abuse of Power - Hardcover - by Michael Savage

"A thriller sure to score a bull's-eye with its target audience, the followers of his talk program, Savage Nation.  Savage pulls off some neat twists as Hatfield and a handful of amateurs fight to prevent a disaster that certain officials choose to ignore or abet." - Publishers Weekly  

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Banned in Britain - Regular Edition

Beating the Liberal Blacklist by Michael Savage

The secret e-mails discovered through a freedom-of-information demand disclose how the British government colluded to destroy a man's name and reputation!

Hardcover - Approximately 224 Pages

Price - $49.99


Train Tracks by Michael Savage

Family Stories for the Holidays - Hardcover

A #1 New York Times bestselling author and superstar radio personality, Michael Savage is admired by millions for his tough talk and no-punches-pulled common sense about the state of our union and its leaders. In Train Tracks, a more personal side of Savage shines through in this marvelous collection of American Stories for the Holidays - Like Glen Beck's blockbuster, The Christmas Sweater, Michael Savage's  poignant, personal stories of home, family, and the holidays will resonate with readers everywhere.

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Michael Savage Live in San Francisco DVD



See Dr. Savage in his final live performance in front of 2000 die hard fans, supporting the one and only real harsh truth in the media! The Dr. tackles the major issues with top notch humor and intellect and delivers it with finesse that you will only find on THE SAVAGE NATION.

See Savage enter the stage dramatically in his classic convertible Cadillac, see Teddy in his puppy years, and see Savage in his rawest, purest and most "UNCENSORED" form! Do not miss out on owning a piece of Savage Nation history! Get your copy now!


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Freedom of Speech Award DVD

Michael Savage

Savage Intro

Why Al Gore Lies About Global Warming  /  Iran's Leader Wants to Kill All Jews  /  Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson - 2 Failed Talkers Want Censorship of Others  /  More Contractors Than Soldiers In Iraq  /  Illegal Aliens and Their Crimes  /  Savage Is The Voice of the Voiceless

Part 2: Fireside Chat

Savage Reads From "The Savage Nation"  /  Readings from "The Enemy Within"  /  Readings From "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder"  /  Good Bye Scene With Teddy   /  Closing Images  

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Psychological Nudity - Regular Edition

Savage Radio Stories by Michael Savage

Hardcover - 4 Color Cover- Apx 207 Pages
"Certain To Delight You and Your Family For Years To Come"

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Trickle Up Poverty - Regular Edition

Stopping Obamas Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security

Michael Savage -conservative talk radio host and #1 New York Times bestselling author - takes on President Obama's socialist agenda, his Chicago-style strong-arm tactics, and his Lenin-like complex in Trickle Up Poverty. Savage's quest is to help American's save America from economic Armageddon, and Trickle Up Poverty addresses everything from the global warming myth to the health care debacle to the Tea Party revolution, in an essential conservative manifesto that anyone who loves Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, and Dick Morris must read.

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Trickle Down Tyranny - Regular Edition

Trickle Down Tyranny - Paperback - by Michael Savage

Michael Savage, the mega-popular radio host and New York Times bestselling author of Trickle Up Poverty, offers an explosive election-year call to arms to retake the White House from the clutches of tyranny and preserve American greatness. Staunchly determined to help crush Barack Obama's dreams of a Socialist America, - Savage unleashes a relentless barrage of conservative common sense in Trickle Down Tyranny, designed to help patriotic citizens preserve what is good and right in our imperiled nation.  

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Healing Children Naturally

by Michael Savage

Attention Parents!! Grandparents!! By Popular Demand!
Written by a parent and author of 17 books on the subjects of health and nutrition.   A-Z Natural Approaches for Natural Complaints. 
Trade Paperback    5.5" x 8.5"   325 pages.

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