Banned in Britain - Regular Edition
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The secret e-mails discovered through a freedom-of-information demand disclose how the British government colluded to destroy a man's name and reputation!

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The secret emails discovered through a freedom-of-information demand disclose how the British government colluded to destroy a man's name and reputation!

In May 2009, Michael Savage was added to a list of murderers, terrorists and others banned from the United Kingdom by (former) Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Jacqui Smith. Her list was aimed at excluding people who "stir-up, justify or glorify terrorism, encourage others to participate in terrorist acts, engage in serious criminal activity or encourage others in such activity."
Even though one bureaucrat warned they could be seen as "duplicitous," the prime minister and foreign minister both approved this smear campaign and refused to remove Michael Savage's name from this list of murders and terrorists-even after these emails were uncovered!
Banned in Britain is Savage's answer to the British government and to his own country, which has completely ignored this blatant assault on one man's free speech and his liberties. This is a book for anyone who believes that no government should censor speech nor use its power to intimidate people from speaking freely. And while this is a book where Michael Savage voices many of his conservative opinions, it is not a book just for conservatives.
Free speech is at risk because powerful forces do not want to be criticized. The Department of Homeland Security is issuing reports that intimidate opposing political speech. These reports associate conservatism with terrorism. The "Fairness Doctrine" may be imposed in order to cripple talk radio. The First Amendment is not being honored by the government.
"A decision to ban Savage from entering the UK triggered more than a viral tide-it triggered a viral tsunami...." -Evgeny Morozov, Foreign Policy
"It looks like this whole 'name and shame' list was, at best, showmanship that was more motivated by a need for good PR rather than a genuine and reasoned attempt to make Britain safer. Furthermore, it also looks like a white male was included to appear racially and religiously 'balanced'-that is, to placate radical Muslims." -San Francisco columnist
"She [Jacqui Smith] faces a lawsuit... she faces the sack from her current job, and she's the subject of yet another allegation of questionable behavior regarding her infamous 'second home'." -Lara Ellington-Brown, The First Post
"Conservative radio is a huge threat and political advantage for Republicans, and we have had to find a way to limit it." -Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House
"The things of which she [Jacqui Smith] accuses Mike Savage are also illegal in the United States of America, and he has not faced prosecution there. Does she realize how ludicrous her ban is and the disrepute into which she has put this country in the eyes of many right-seeing-and, indeed, left-seeing-people in the United States?" -Michael Fabricant, Member of British Parliament
" [the ban against Savage] just makes us look so infantile, so pathetic. What are we, some sort of kindergarten that needs to be protected against these dangerous American radio shows?" -Boris Johnson, Journalist, The London Telegraph
"Where is the outrage from all the big-named conservative media giants like Fox News, Rush, Hannity ... O'Reilly... Glenn Beck... National Review, Weekly Standard....? Other than one unremarkable short TV segment by O'Reilly and two excellent short stories by Bret Baier at Fox News, there is only the vexing sound of crickets chirping." -Ellis Washington, Journalist
"Savage has never called for violence or extremism. I know this because I listen to his radio show every night. Savage does not incite brutal behavior; his rhetoric speaks the truth, never calling for harm. Liberals in his hometown of San Francisco constantly provoke and display aggressive assaults against conservatives and Christians. They are welcome in the UK." -Lisa Richards, The Desert Conservative
"I would think that if the Home Secretary official responsible for this continues to fight that case, she-that is Jacquie Smith, a woman, our last Home Secretary-would be humiliated in court. Because fundamentally these leaked emails suggest bad faith on the part of the British Government-as simple as that." -John O'Sullivan, Contributing Editor for New York Post and Executive Editor of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Prague)
"The UK is now targeted by subway and bus-bombing Muslims marching in London streets chanting death to Great Britain and the West. Parliament does nothing to Muslims; acting against the inciters of bloodshed would insult Islam.... Michael Savage, however, is a dangerous man. Be careful if you are on the same plane as he; the PhD scientist might talk to you about the greatness of freedom, civil rights and New York pizza while explaining the beauty of Brazilian rain forest botany. Oh yes, Dr. Savage is precariously treacherous. - Lisa Richards, The Desert Conservative
"Savagegate is the latest example of the Labour Government's refusal to recognize that the only real threat to our country is from Muslim terrorists. They have gone out of their way-with the help of the BBC, which almost never mentions the I-word whenever some loser gets caught with bomb-making equipment-to deny that Islamic terrorism, while not supported by most British Muslims, is still Islamic." -Ed West, The Telegraph
"Even in this world of born-again refuseniks, Michael Savage is an anomaly: a heretic among heretics, nearly as contemptuous of his fellow radio stars (he refers to Limbaugh as "the golfer," and calls Beck "the hemorrhoid with eyes") as he is of President Obama. He calls himself a "gen-yoo-wine independent conservative," which is a kind of sales pitch-and, apparently, an effective one. His daily broadcast, The Savage Nation, is one of the most popular talk shows in the country." - Kelefa Sanneh, The New Yorker
"As a matter of principle, we don't support such bans. They tend to be selective, in that only popular speech is allowed and unpopular speech is not allowed." -Ibrahim Hooper, Council of American-Islamic Relations
"While some of these people may express views that others find disagreeable, often the cure [i.e. nations using "their borders as a weapon of censorship"] is worse than the disease." -Jameel Jaffer, Attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union
Anti-terrorism officials in America are using their position to intimidate conservatives, and the Fairness Doctrine is being promoted by those currently in power. And as the United States transfers power from the private sector to the public sector, it gains more power to censor and intimidate, and it gains more need to do so. The planners and power brokers cannot afford to be criticized!
This is the most definitive work in recent years about the threat to free speech and the looming threat of censorship by the globalist multi-cultural elite. These self-appointed leaders cannot stand to have their critics point this out-critics who believe in the integrity of national borders and the preservation of a nation's language and culture.
The Government and media are corrupt and unable to deal with truly independent speech. Both the Bush and Obama administrations have (and are) extending corruption rather than dealing with it, all with the complicity of the media.
Michael Savage was the first victim, but others-maybe even you-will soon follow. Fighting back can work, and it must be done!